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Aleida Tweten, owner of Hoofprints Ranch, holds a Masters of Equine Science from the University of Edinburgh and has 25+ years experience working with horses. Un-mounted equine assisted learning and equine assisted therapy offers a safe and novel experiential learning approach for both children and adults. One-on-one and small group sessions are available at Hoofprints Ranch, located 15 min East of Stratford in Summerville, PEI.

The Hoofprints Ranch philosophy, One Stride at a Time, applies to learning both inside and outside of the barn. The best way to approach anything, with horses and with life, is with small steps. For horses to learn, they need to feel safe, secure, and put their trust in us to be at ease. Similarly, we learn best when we are relaxed and approach new things with curiosity instead of fear. Step by step, stride by stride, we move forward and build upon previous accomplishments, making progress the goal of Hoofprints Ranch for its clients.

Learning does not have time limits. We can learn until the day we die! Never stop learning, moving, trying, and going forward; progress is still progress, time and patience coupled with a safe space and natural setting provide a positive learning experience for both the human and the horse. At Hoofprints Ranch, the client and horse determine what is next. It is about you, your pace, your needs, and connecting with the horses in a meaningful way so as to achieve skills along the way.

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