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About Us

Au Naturel Solutions manufactures Comfort ‘n’ Confidence™, an all-natural material breast prosthesis.

In contrast to polyester or silicone options, Au Naturel Solutions products are made from animal and plant-based fibers, filling a need for a natural alternative.

Au Naturel Solutions’ mission is to make the best breast prosthesis possible, addressing comfort issues and building confidence in our brand as we grow.

The natural choice in breast prostheses.

By choosing a Comfort ‘n’ Confidence™ external breast prosthesis, you decide not to place synthetic materials against your sensitive breast tissue. But the benefits don’t stop there!

Natural breathable fibres prevent any unpleasant odour
Lightweight design mimics the density of breast tissue
Add or remove fill until you reach your preferred shape and size
Stays in place so that you forget you’re wearing it
Made of hypoallergenic materials

Everyone deserves to feel confident in their clothing — comfort builds confidence!

Feeling great in your bra is priceless, but don’t worry! Our products are affordable, plus most health plans cover a portion of the cost.

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Ms. Simonne Cormier
Founder and CEO

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