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Osteopaths use fine palpation skills to assess different levels of movement in tissue (fascia, bone, muscle, organ, nerve etc.), fluids (blood, lymph, cerebrospinal fluid etc.), and energy (fields etc.). We assess and treat fascial imbalances, this has been an integral part of osteopathic treatment for 150 years. Fascia covers bones, muscles, organs, vessels, nerves, and wraps every cell, therefore it must be considered when addressing any of the structures it envelops. Pain is a symptom of lack of proper movement. This is poorly understood, but the buzz is growing. When tissue is compressed, or stretched as a result of misaligned joints the area that is overstretched is the painful inflamed region, and the region that is compressed and restricted is the problem. Osteopaths focus on releasing restriction, which allows redistribution of forces properly throughout our bodies. Posture, gait, biomechanical movement etc. are all used as assessment tools to determine where the body is not moving well.

In 2024-25, I am launching an in-person, and online movement studio to assist in a deeper understanding of why movement is essential to health, physical and mental. Please reach out to learn more, and request information.

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